Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Can one eat GMO free?

 Is it really possible to eat a GMO free foods. How?

Corn & Soy & Canola: These are the ingredients that are in almost everything. I'll bet that 90% of every store, deli, restaurant, butcher, cafeteria, hospital & school lunchrooms contain genetically modified foods. Since most Corn, Soy, & Canola are now genetically modified, and are in most everything, it is pretty easy to eat GMO's.

Milk: The problem with milk and dairy products is that the animal who provided the dairy is fed genetically modified food or GMO supplements which usually are made of corn or soy. Alfalfa is genetically modified too and so is some wheat and rice. So organic is a must if you buy or consume any milk or dairy including butter, sour cream, cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, cream etc. Supplements & powders that derive milk protein or bacterias must also hold a GMO free label or be organic. Hormone free or all natural labels do not mean GMO free, so beware. (also the hormone given to animals to make them produce more milk is called RBGH or RBST or Prosilac and all of it is genetically modified, so make sure your dairy & milk products say something like "made without hormones" or "hormone free".)

Eggs: The animal that produced the eggs is fed GMO feed, usually in the form of vegetarian food like corn or soy . If the package says cage-free then it still isn't good because they are like in the movie "Food Inc." where the animals are in a big building. Vegetarian fed eggs mean that they are GMO eggs as the feed is corn or soy mix. Oftentimes, pasture raised eggs are fed supplements that are genetically modified usually in the form of corn or soy mix. You must get organic eggs.Organic eggs are the only eggs that are GMO free. Even farm fresh eggs or local farmers eggs are given supplements that are genetically modified.

Meats. All meats are fed grains or grain supplements that are genetically modified and usually in the form of corn or soy. Vegetarian fed means GMO fed. Pasture raised is oftentimes fed supplements that are genetically modified. Even Grass-fed can be supplement fed as well so make sure to call the company or farm & ask. The only meat that is not Genetically fed is again ORGANIC. So buy organic meats & meat products. That means that all processed foods, all deli foods, all restaurant foods, all cafeteria foods, all hospital foods and such are GMO fed.

Baking Powder contains Corn, just look at the ingredients. So even baking powder contains GMO.

Sugar: Sugar Beets are genetically modified. The only safe (non-gmo) sugar is sugar cane sugar. Look on the labels and if it just says "SUGAR" then it is genetically modified sugar. So only consume products that have the words "cane sugar" on them.

Produce & other GMO's: Hawaiian Papaya is genetically modified. Flax, Canola oil(vegetable oil) , Tomatoes, Rice, Potatoes, Peas, Sweet Corn, Edamame(soybean)(tofu), Aspertame(Nutrisweet). Beware of all these as they have also been genetically modified at some point.

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